Samwise Didier - Dwarfs and the Warcraft Universe

Os anões mitológicos ficaram conhecidos pelas obras de diversos autores tão famosos quanto Tolkien. Se Tolkien tivesse conhecido Samwise Didier, não teríamos uma obra mas antes um colosso.



The mighthy Dwarfs, created by the Titans in the Wacraft Universe are most welcome to life thrill kult. For Khaz Modan!!

A todos os fãs da Blizzard, e muito particularmente de Samwise Didier.


Red Queen - Resident Evil

É sem sombra de dúvida a minha personagem favorita do filme Resident Evil.

A sua referência ao Princípio da Rainha Vermelha, por sua vez retirado da obra de Lewis Carroll Through the Looking-Glass:
- "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place."
A frase acima é amplamente utilizada para ilustrar a verdadeira corrida às armas que todas as espécies realizam para se manterem adaptadas. Keep running just to stay fit.
E para ganhar a corrida?
"If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast".
No filme Resident Evil, a Red Queen simplesmente afirma que: "You're all going to die down here".
Enjoy life, either running or not.


Godess of Nature - GuoJian

GuoJian nesta obra reflecte a personificação da Natureza e da Industrialização. A forma como Homem lida com ambas, de costas voltadas uma para a outra, está bem presente na obra. Para admirar e reflectir.
Godess of Nature - GuoJian

More artworks from GuoJian at http://breathing2004.gfxartist.com/artworks


The Birth of Venus - Aaron Sikstrom

Mais ousado do que o clássico de Sandro Botticelli. Uma refrescante obra de arte de Aaron Sikstrom - "The Birth OF Venus". Email: info@compoundgallery.com at http://seethrou.gfxartist.com/artworks/167732?continue=true

This Piece turned into a collaboration with Katie De Sousa and blossomed into an absolutely amazing depiction of a masterpiece. She is an amazing artist and person, and I'm thank ful for the oppertunity to work with her. I enjoy doing collaborations as the outcome is so unpredictable and brings out the best of two worlds. I would encourage you all to check out her art. I think in a short time to come you'll be seeing a lot more of it as she grows as an artist. Maybe if you twist her arm she'll make a return to GFX as well...

You can find Katies works here!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, and supporting my works. It occurred to me that I've never done a collaboration with any guys and it would be great to break that mold. If anyone is interested please let me know. I know there are definately some great artists I look up to on this site that I would love to work with

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Happy Birthday

to me...
Happy Birthday Mr. President...
Happy Birthday to you...