Ana Cruz - Leo

Many of us probably have outcasted the animal within. But the word animal, meaning with a soul, it's a bond to life itself.

In our bodies we are alike with the natural element that is present in a stone, water, flowers, feathers, branches, fur and energy. Dormimos, comemos, respiramos, movemo-nos...Crescemos durante mihares de anos em sintonia com o mundo natural, aprendendo os seus muitos mistérios, essenciais à sobrevivência. We have engraved animal forms since pre-historic times and struggled to capture the healing essence of so many plants. We have become eroded, not by the shaping of elements, but instead by a memory we have forgotten.

Is there something we are missing more then anything, a void that can't be filled with technology, daily routines, cars or sports? An anxiety witout measure that is consuming every heart beat, that we can't even listen to anymore? Does the air we breathe still fills our lungs like a morning breeze?

Search your anima, the animal within that will make you thrive.

Three days Grace - Animal I have Become

Poema da minha Natureza
António Gedeão

Crescem as flores no seu dever biológico,
e as cores que patenteiam,por sua natureza,
só podem ser aquelas,e não outras.
Vermelhas, amarelas,cor de fogo,
lilazes, carmezins, azuis, violetas,
assim, e só assim,
tudo conforme a sua natureza.
Ásperas são as folhas, macias, recortadas
ou não, tudo conforme;
e o aprumo como tal,
ou rasteiras, ou leves, ou pesadas,
tudo no seu dever,
por sua natureza.

É como os animais.
Em cada qual, por sua natureza,
todo o dever se cumpre.
Comem, dejectam, dormem,
fazem amor nas horas competentes,
lutam, caçam, agridem,
rosnam á Lua, trinam, assobiam,
escondem-se, espreitam, fogem, amarinham,
dançam, mudam de pele, agacham-se, disfarçam-se,
tudo conforme a sua natureza.

Assim eu penso, e amo, e sofro, e vou andando.
Tudo conforme a minha natureza.


Sue Marino - The reading

Amazing work from Sue Marino.

Everyday I read words, expressions, the environment, history, behaviours, in a neverending search for something more awaiting to be foreseen. There is a bit of a seeker in all of us, I believe, either for the past or the future.
There is always a story that is left somewhere to be told in an old box, a bit of dirt in the shoes...I wonder where they've been...
For some, reading is taken lightly, as a distraction dressed for hedonism, to others reading means a collectible knowledge and to some others, a thirsty hunt.
What if what we are looking for, finds us?