Tony Foti - Debris Spray

Tony Foti

Very dynamic work! Love the expression on her face too.


Marc Simonetti - Looking for Stark children

"This is the cover art for the third book of " A song of fire and ice: game of thrones" by George RR Martin in its upcoming French edition.I wanted to represent that the book's universe is both beautiful and oppressive sometimes...Here's the scene where Theon Greyjoy hunts Bran and Rickon. I hope you'll like it!" in http://marcsimonetti.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d29osl5



Melanie Delon - Harmony

Civilization and harmony are the trends both time and human society follow. However, a further trend is that animals die out while buildings spring up. While humans enjoy rapid economy development, wild animals’ living conditions become worse. Birds lose their companions and beasts lose their herds. The weak and disappearing biological chain sounds an alarm for worldwide environment protection. In the last 100 years, species’ extinction has been 100 times faster than the natural rate; every day over 100 species disappear from the world forever. However, even today, human understanding of wild animals’ protection is vague, which is a worrying situation. "Share One Planet” Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition is the first global competition of the “Share One Planet” series.


Kate Logan - Halloween Booty

So here it is Kate Logan. And despite what she says, she is an artist!

Happy, happy Halloween!

Uma bruxinha para o Dia das Bruxas!


Narcisse - Rita Isabel

I have found in this artist work an enthusiastic use of color, but in this work something else has draw my attention: the duality.

While Narcissus was overwhelmed by the beauty of his own reflection in the water, so mythology says, maybe that was not all.

I wonder if Narcissus was overwhelmed by the conflict between matter (body) and mind (symbolized by his reflection on the water) - dualism.

I can't imagine a Narcissus lost for days in a void contemplation of a mere reflection, but yet numbed by the conflict stated above.

How could the mind be real as a reflection? It was the body (Platos' empty shell) that allowed the reflection of the mind - it's expression - to exist. Then how could the body and mind be appart, if one is not perceived without the other?

I wonder if Narcissus ever had his revelation before he died...

Irfan - Otkrovenie ... meaning "Revelation"


Renee Biertempfel - Return to the Sea

Someone said that life bloomed to the sound of the music of rain, tides and streams.
All living things are made of water, for water is the life binder.

Dive in Bassnectar feat. Nelly Furtado - Magical World


Yigit Koroglu - Uterus

Yigit Koroglu

In this fantastic artwork by Koroglu, Carl Jung would probably say Keep the Snake...

According to Hillman - The power of myth, its reality, resides precisely in its power to seize and influence psychic life. The Greeks knew this so well, and so they had no depth psychology and psychopathology such as we have. They had myths. And we have no myths as such—instead, depth psychology and psychopathology. Therefore…psychology shows myths in modern dress and myths show our depth psychology in ancient dress.

Yes, we truly have dressed ourselves in layers of names so thick, that is getting harder to get to the naked truth of our skin.


Alon Chou - Fearless

Alon Chou eye candy works of art!

Beyond god, human kind, nature and one self, fearless is a statement that would've condemned existentialism from the start. The fearless warrior is the one who already won against egotism.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
Sun Tzu

Pain - shut your mouth