Narcisse - Rita Isabel

I have found in this artist work an enthusiastic use of color, but in this work something else has draw my attention: the duality.

While Narcissus was overwhelmed by the beauty of his own reflection in the water, so mythology says, maybe that was not all.

I wonder if Narcissus was overwhelmed by the conflict between matter (body) and mind (symbolized by his reflection on the water) - dualism.

I can't imagine a Narcissus lost for days in a void contemplation of a mere reflection, but yet numbed by the conflict stated above.

How could the mind be real as a reflection? It was the body (Platos' empty shell) that allowed the reflection of the mind - it's expression - to exist. Then how could the body and mind be appart, if one is not perceived without the other?

I wonder if Narcissus ever had his revelation before he died...

Irfan - Otkrovenie ... meaning "Revelation"