The Birth of Venus - Aaron Sikstrom

Mais ousado do que o clássico de Sandro Botticelli. Uma refrescante obra de arte de Aaron Sikstrom - "The Birth OF Venus". Email: info@compoundgallery.com at http://seethrou.gfxartist.com/artworks/167732?continue=true

This Piece turned into a collaboration with Katie De Sousa and blossomed into an absolutely amazing depiction of a masterpiece. She is an amazing artist and person, and I'm thank ful for the oppertunity to work with her. I enjoy doing collaborations as the outcome is so unpredictable and brings out the best of two worlds. I would encourage you all to check out her art. I think in a short time to come you'll be seeing a lot more of it as she grows as an artist. Maybe if you twist her arm she'll make a return to GFX as well...

You can find Katies works here!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, and supporting my works. It occurred to me that I've never done a collaboration with any guys and it would be great to break that mold. If anyone is interested please let me know. I know there are definately some great artists I look up to on this site that I would love to work with

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