Dan Luvisi - Hex (Last man Standing)

Dan Luvisi

Can you identify yourself with Hex image?
If you can, congratulations.


Clapouk George - Jealousy

Clapouk George

How many times have we been offered the fruit of jealousy... Flown to us in the wings of fear and tempting doubt. Leaving all in dreadful paralysis, accepting the tastes and flavours of imagination.

Surrendered and abandoned, we fall prey to our demons.

It is, though, the first time I see it represented properly, for it is so often mistaken with envy.


Thitipon Dicruen - Dark Warrior

Thitipon Dicruen aka xric7

It has been indeed a longing for a return. I could speak of frozen landscapes, darkness, or even use many adjectives without getting to the point.

A higher sense of things urges, and it is from darkness that the light is brighter. The fire within that makes your eyes glow in the grasp of conflict.

Not anger, not fury, not berserker, though instead an elevated perception that comes from accepting all as it exists and for what it is.

Dark warrior, this is your nature.