Narcisse - Rita Isabel

I have found in this artist work an enthusiastic use of color, but in this work something else has draw my attention: the duality.

While Narcissus was overwhelmed by the beauty of his own reflection in the water, so mythology says, maybe that was not all.

I wonder if Narcissus was overwhelmed by the conflict between matter (body) and mind (symbolized by his reflection on the water) - dualism.

I can't imagine a Narcissus lost for days in a void contemplation of a mere reflection, but yet numbed by the conflict stated above.

How could the mind be real as a reflection? It was the body (Platos' empty shell) that allowed the reflection of the mind - it's expression - to exist. Then how could the body and mind be appart, if one is not perceived without the other?

I wonder if Narcissus ever had his revelation before he died...

Irfan - Otkrovenie ... meaning "Revelation"


Renee Biertempfel - Return to the Sea

Someone said that life bloomed to the sound of the music of rain, tides and streams.
All living things are made of water, for water is the life binder.

Dive in Bassnectar feat. Nelly Furtado - Magical World