Lauren K. Cannon - The Hunt

"Hesobahn of the Dhuriiehm. The sister of Ii'saijha. Done for a workshop in issue 33 of ImagineFX magazine.Had a lot of little breakthroughs while painting this...actually, most of my recent work has been full of little breakthroughs. It's a good feeling, even though it reminds me how stupid I still am. Crits are welcome, but I'm already aware the bottom half isn't up to par with the top... I fell really ill right before the deadline and had to make some sacrifices. Photoshop and Painter. Thanks for looking" in http://navate.gfxartist.com/artworks/169932

So impressive this work.
Persistência, paciência, resistência...
Carefull steps so the dry grass doesn't scream.
Talvez encontre a presa antes que a chuva lave a terra.
Not even a bird in the sky, not a sound...

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