Linda Bergkvist - Eireequel

The feeling of freedom, of weight lifted can be found in the most familiar faraway memories even while listening to Break the Chains.

"Second commissioned image for Mason.I enjoyed painting this one thoroughly. For all that it is flawed, as all my images are, I smile when I look at it, at the moment :] And my client was very happy.~"From darkness, to light, for you -"Whispered, a breath of honey in the air tinged with emeralds."I turned my back on my friends,"A rustle of leaves. A soft trail of air against a cheek. Locks of ashes and ebony.", I turned my gaze from my family,"Fingertips, alabaster pale and softer than ice,", and you - you turned my lips from yours."His palm drifts like a feather against the trunk of a tree. Rough, the bark. Digging into his palm. It should have been a caress. It should have been her, but it is not. "From darkness, to light, for you -"Eyes, closing."but you... pushed me back into shadows." in http://enayla.gfxartist.com/artworks/16829

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