Nykolai Aleksander - The Embrace

"It is a dance, a neverending ballet of Light and Dark, Good and Evil: Not one against the other, but a symbiosis of the two as One..."Created for Wacom's "Good vs Evil" contest on deviantART.I didn't want the dragon to be the typical reptile, but a creature suspended between elements, half solid and dark, half air and light, like something imagined that slowly takes on form, yet looms dangerously close to touch.Also, I rather like old iconic paintings (or Icons, even), so I tried to recreate something of them with this.Personal references used for the figure, the rest is freehand. I played around with a lot of layers for the lighting, and I think my computer hated me towards the end... by Nykolai Aleksander.

Desde há muito que procuro uma obra que ilustrasse a seguinte frase;

Perdoamos facilmente uma criança que tem medo da escuridão; a real tragédia da vida é quando os homens têm medo da luz. - Platão

...por isso, obrigado Nykolai.

Star of fate

And if lost in the maze of life, dwelling in the nebulous mists on your own free will with a song for company and memories for nourishment, smile at the shadows and embrace the light. They are like the sand at seaside, gulping your path in warmth or impriting cold steps as you breathe, careless for the tides that will erase them. And when the Dawn shed dew tears on your shoulders, longing with her for the return of the stars.

"...E que, na torpitude de existir-se, ao menos possa haver
as alegrias ingénuas de todo o recomeço.Que os sóis desabem.
Que as estrelas morram.Que tudo recomece desde quando a luz
não fora ainda separada às trevas do espaço sem matéria.
Nem havia um espírito flanando ocioso sobre as águas quietas,
que pudesse mentir-se olhando a criação." - Jorge de Sena

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