Benita Winckler - Faydrums

Benita Winckler

I've always liked a good story, but for that you need to be a good listener. Sometimes the story teller may be a bit faraway, or speaking a different language, or...not even be human...

- Listen closer my child.
- It's only water.
- Closer I said. Can't you hear them?
- It's water springing from a fountain!
- And what else? Shut your eyes.
- Birds, river stream afar, feet crushing dry leaves, water dripping into the tank...
- Good, do you think all the waters from the stream, fountain and tank are the same or different?
- They look different in color, the tank water is green, the fountain one shines and the stream one looks like the rocks around her...they are different.
- Yes they are different but they share the same source, a big river that runs underground, right beneath our feet. If you listen closer, sometimes you can hear it running.

And I fell asleep listening to the tank, fountain, stream and underground river, in a cushion of pine tree needles.

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